This week I’m going for a few more Chinese character drills so I can kickstart my Chinese. Learning each character is all fine and well, but the true test is in learning to use those characters in words and sentences. Some characters are word, other need to be combined with itself or others to form words. So far we’ve seen 10 characters, time to kick it up to 15 characters.

11. 女 (Woman)

As they say women first so should the first character of this character drill be the one for woman. The reading of 女 is nǚ

While a simple character, it is an important one as well. Many more complex characters contain the woman character. Thus learn this three stroke character well. In fact, one of the characters has this character incorporated.

12. 兒 (Child)

The second character is 兒. This is one of two characters in this character drill that means child. This, of course, means this character rarely appears on its own, but is instead used with another character like the character we’ll see next. 兒 is read as er.

(Psst. The simplified character is 儿, seems children don’t have heads in mainland China.)

13. 子 (Child).

The third character as already mentioned above is another character that means child. Read 子 as zi.

This character is one part of two words we can now write using other known characters.

  • 兒子 [érzi]: Son
  • 女兒 [nǚ’ér]: Daughter

14. 他 (He, Him)

The next character is another Chinese personal pronoun such as 我 of the first and 你 of the second character drill. 他 is the Chinese equivalent of the English ‘he, him’. It is read as tā. Because of this reading is can be confused with the following character therefore good listening comprehension will be essential.

15. 她 (She, Her)

The last character of this Chinese character drill is the Chinese equivalent of ‘she, her’, 她. Like 他, you read 她 as tā. Because of this many Chinese language beginners struggle with these when listening as only context will tell you whether they mean a woman or a man.

Chinese is tough, no?

Chinese Characters - 女 兒 子 他 她
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An overview of the characters of Chinese character drill #3.