Today was a great day. An awesome friend visited us and we shared a terrific lunch. What more can someone want from such a day? It was simply amazing. So much meat, so much vegetables, so much goodness. What more do you want?

Korean Living In Gent

Today we had a friend over for lunch. She is one of our dearest friends, Suzy. She recently moved to Belgium from Korea to marry her beloved husband. Now she lives in Gent making food so delicious her husband refuses to go to a restaurant. When you see her food you would understand why he feels that way.

In fact, I want to do a little promotion. Suzy’s food is simply amazing and it tastes as awesome as it looks. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just take a look at her Instagram account yourself to witness the greatness that is her food. You won’t be disappointed by following her account. Though you might feel a sudden urge to eat. If you need any convincing than just look at these delicious instagram posts!

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Now you might wonder why am I doing this? I want her to start sharing her own recipes. Her food is really amazing and I am 100% sure others would love to know how she does it. So if you agree, let her know on Instagram. Together we can convince her to start sharing.

Kimchi gifts

To thank us for the invitation and the tremendous amounts of food she was about to eat, she brought some gifts. The giftst were delicious and amazing: two kinds of kimchi:

  • baechu kimchi (quintessential kimchi.
  • Kkakddugi (radish kimchi)

My fridge is filled now with delicious fermented goodies, just look at the amount:

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Hot Pot Bonanza

However, today I don’t want to end up talking only about her as a chef. She came over to have lunch at our place. To keep things simple, we decided to have Chinese hot pot. We decided on that because how relatively little you need to do in advance to have a great thing. Chinese hot pot is simply that amazing.

Because she likes spicy, but her husband dislikes it, we decided to have spicy hot pot. The one where the soup is as red as the infernos of hell. She and I had no issues with it, but partner on the other hand did have some issues. He really can’t handle the spices of life. That, however, is but a small problem of no consequence. I like spicy food so he just needs to deal with a little bowel pain from time to time. No mercy in this house, héhé.

Of course, the soup is just one part of a great hot pot. You need ingredients and we had plenty: 1.2 kg sliced beef, nappa cabbage, bok choy, shimeji, enoki mushrooms, tofu in several forms, meatballs and fish cakes. I think we ate for an army, but at the end we devoured most of it. It was really fun, though doing the dishes at the end wasn’t .

Here is how things looked before we started. Looks great no?

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So did you ever eat Chinese hot pot? Did you like it or not? Let me know in the comments. Of course, I would also love to hear what you think of Suzy’s food!