Now I’m going to unveil the sixth Korean irregular verb group; the ㅎ irregular verb. You can identify these verbs by their ㅎ final consonant. These irregular verbs are a bit more complex than all previous verb groups, but like all of them: it is just a matter of a little bit perseverance to master them. Let’s give them a look.

Sometimes ㅎ Disappears And Sometimes ㅣ Appears

The first rule you need to know to properly conjugate the ㅎ verbs is the same as the ㄷ verbs: the ㅎ is omitted or changes when a verb ending with a vowel is used. However, that isn’t all, because what the ㅎ does depends on a two additional rules. If the verb ending begins with 으, then we omit both the ㅎ and 으. However, if the verb ending begins with 어 or 아, the ㅎ transforms into a ㅣ. The latter causes pretty unique verb endings to appear.

Let us see how the appearing ㅣ works:

  • 까맣다 = 까맣 + 아요 = 까마 + ㅣ + 아요 = 까
  • 하얗다 = 하얗 + 아서 = 하야 + ㅣ + 아서 = 하

Those are some pretty unique verb endings, no?

However, there is one added layer of complexity when dealing with ㅎ verbs, not all of them are irregular. Some are completely regular. Regular ㅎ verbs include 좋다, 많다 and 넣다. Please keep this in mind.

Let’s Study Together

You might think these ㅎ irregular verbs might not be important, but that is not true. The adjective forms of various colours are ㅎ irregular verb. So in order to have the most colourful language, you’ll have to master the ㅎ irregular verb. To help you get started here is a list of some ㅎ verbs:

  • 까맣다 – To be black
  • 노랗다 – To be yellow
  • 저렇다 – To be like that over there
  • 파랗다 – To be blue
  • 빨갛다 – To be red
  • 어떻다 – To be how; To be like what
  • 하얗다 – To be white
  • 이렇다 – To be like this
  • 그렇다 – To be like that

I even believe that beyond a few more colors there aren’t many other ㅎ irregular verbs out there. If you know any other ㅎ irregular verb you think ought to be part of this roster, please let us know in the comments, via social media or Korean Study Group Facebook group. That way we can update our verb lists and you’ll help others at the same time!

ㅎ Irregular Verbs Summary
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A short summary on the ㅎ irregular verbs.