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Odeng, A Beloved Out Of Reach

Aug 22,19

If there is one thing I miss from the streets of Seoul, it is not the hustle and bustle, but Odeng (오댕) or oemukguk (어묵국) as it is known in proper Korean.

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K-Community Festival 2019 In Europe: An Dreamcatcher Update

Aug 10,19

Announcements have been made and anticipation for the K-Community Festival can not be any higher now that people know Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) will come.

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K-Community Festival 2019 In Europe

Apr 9,19

Festivals some can't get enough of them. So, for the European K-Fans out there: A new festival has been announced: The K-Community Festival 2019.

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Arirang, The National Song Of Korea

Mar 31,19

Arirang (KR: 아리랑) is the national song of Korea. Not a single Korean would not recognize its lyrics or its melody. Truly, it is a song that unites Koreans.

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Morning Lands’ Review: Korean Grammar In Use – Intermediate

Mar 9,19

Korean Grammar In Use - Intermediate is the second instalment in the Korean Grammar In Use series. A great book we recommend to all intermediate learners.

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Morning Lands’ Review: Korean Grammar In Use – Beginning

Mar 3,19

If you ask Morning Lands, Korean Grammar In Use - Beginning is the perfect Korean Grammar textbook. It is a must buy if you can buy it as a beginner.

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Remembering the March 1st Movement

Feb 26,19

The March 1st Movement (KR: 삼일 운동) was the first display of Korean defiance against Japanese Korean Rule. An important event in Korean history.

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10 Reasons Why You Should Learn Korean

Feb 17,19

Considering to learn Korean, but you cannot convince yourself? We'll convince you and give 10 reasons why you should learn Korean.

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Naksansa Temple, Splendid Peace

Jan 29,19

Naksansa Temple (낙산사) is truly one of the treasures of Gangwon-Do and of Korean Buddhism. I was truly fortunate to visit it during my trip to Korea.

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Grammar Note: Korean Pronouns

Dec 12,17

Support us by sharing this with your friends:One of the most frequently asked question I noticed on sites such as Quora, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter on Korean is: What are the Korean pronouns? Today I am going to answer this question. I answer this question not, because pronouns are important, but to warn people learning Korean. Korean pronouns are probably not at all what they are in your native language. Support us by sharing this with your friends:

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