Particle: What’s up With 이/가 And 은/는: Specific VS Nonspecific

Yesterday I wrote about the subject particle 이/가 and mentioned that it is part of a very confusing Korean grammar topic. The confusing aspect of 이/가 is its striking resemblance to to the topic particle 은/는. Many learners often struggle seeing any difference between the two. Time thus for give some differences explored starting with specific vs nonspecific. (more…)

Changing Parts of Speech: Noun Modifying Verb/Adjective: -(으)ㄴ / -는 / -(으)ㄹ

When you learn about Korean adjectives for the first time you probably got surprised they behave like verbs. Most of us think of adjectives as words that go in front of nouns to modify them, also known as an attributive adjective. It is entirely possible for you to use a Korean verb or adjective in that way. You will, however, need to change it a bit. (more…)

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