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    I would like to introduce you guys at Morning Lands 9 local, traditional markets in Seoul, where you barely meet foreigners. They’re mostly for locals, so that means you can enjoy lots of Korean market food. Furthermore, these markets are usually a bit cheaper than Myeong-dong or Gwangjang market. Time for the first one.

    Changsin-dong Munguwangugeori (KR: 창신동문구완구거리)

    This is one of the biggest stationary and toy markets in Korea. If you are interested in stationary stuff or some kind of trendy toy, you can get it at cheap prices. Of course, I would recommend you purchase inside the market because the front side is generally more expensive than the inside.

    You won’t only find just Korean products here, but also Japanese, Chinese and some Western brands. But, I recommend you to buy Korean or Japanese products. The reason is quite simple: European brands are more expensive here than in Europe. Comparing with Hottracks in Kyobo, it’s normally 30 to 40% cheaper.

    PS: Cash is a must, so credit cards are often declined. Sellers normally welcome buyers who can buy a lot. Negotiations aren’t typical, but you can try, though generally, shopkeeps are only open to it when you buy quite a lot.

    The marketplace has a website (Korean only):

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    Polar Bear
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    The reason is quite simple: European brands are more expensive here than in Europe.

    A great warning something some people keep forgetting. And, I’m not saying that just because I’m one of those people! Hahaha

    Looking forward to the other local markets you want to introduce,

    Polar Bear

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    I appreciate the tip about taking cash as I’m so used to paying digitally with a smartphone app or with a debit or credit card.

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