Confirming Information: -는 데 걸리다/들다

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During conversations we often mention what we achieved or what we had to pay for. In response many will ask you how long or how much it took. To answer such questions you can use the verb pattern -는 데 걸리다/들다. This is a fairly easy to use grammar expression regardless, but let’s still take a look.

Take, Require, Costs… -는 데 걸리다/들다

We often want to know a lot of extra information. When someone says he had his car repaired, we want to know how much it costed. When someone mentions he passed a very difficult exam, we want to know how much studying it took. To answer such questions in Korean you use either the expression -는 데 걸리다 or -는 데 들다.

The first expression, -는 데 걸리다, you use to tell someone how much time you needed to do something. For example you use it to tell how much time studying it took you to pass an exam.

Example: 졸업하는 데 사 년 걸렸어요. (It took me four years to graduate.)

The other expression, -는 데 들다, you can use to tell someone how much you had to pay or how much effort it took to have something done or do something.

Example: 그림을 사는 데 천만원 들었어요 (It cost me 10 million won to buy the painting.)

How To Use

Using the verb patterns -는 데 걸리다/들다 is not hard at all. In fact it is a very easy pattern to use. To use this pattern you simply take the verb stem and attach either the ending -는 데 걸리다 or -는 데 들다 (keep the irregular verbs in mind). Between 데 and 걸리다/들다 you write the amount of time, money or effort that was required. Afterwards you simply need to put either one of the verbs 걸리다/들다 in the correct tense. Please do note that 들다 is an irregular ㄹ verb.

Confirming Information: -는 데 걸리다/들다
A short overview on 는 데 걸리다/들다.

With just that information you are ready to start using -는 데 걸리다/들다. Let us know in the comments what took you the most time to achieve a magnificent goal.

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October 13, 2017

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