Confirming Information: -지요

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To wrap things up on confirming information, I want to talk about a simple, yet important grammar pattern: -지요. -지요 or its oftentimes shortened version -죠 are frequently used by Koreans and perhaps you are wondering what it means. Ask no more as we are going to look into it now.

Tag Question -지요

The pattern -지요 is in all honesty an easy to understand grammar pattern. This pattern you use to when you want someone to agree or confirm with what you said on something you both know already. So in practice this “question” is not a real question, but a statement in the form of a question. In English this we call this a tag question in all in all that is what -지요 creates in Korean.

Let’s look at an example:

Example: 이 신문은 한자가 없어서 좋지요?

Translation: It is good this newspaper doesn’t have Hanja, right?

As you can see -지요 is translated here as “…, right?” You can also translate it as”Isn’t it/Aren’t they…?” and “Don’t/Doesn’t” among many other variants of a tag question.

While I did say this verb pattern is a Korean tag question, it can also use it as a way to softly ask a question. However, these questions have an indication of your expectation on what the answer will be. The expectation is that the person you are asking the question to will say yes, not no.

How to Use

Fortunate for us all the pattern -지요 is among the easiest grammar patterns Korean has to offer. To use it, you simply take the verb stem and you attach -지요 to it. Please be aware that this pattern can only be attached to the final verb of the sentence. This grammar pattern is at the end of a sentence.

Furthermore Koreans will often times shorten this pattern in texts as -죠. There are not differences in meanings between both forms. Though I have been told it is ‘cute’.

Confirming Information: -지요
Short version of explanation on -지요.

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October 13, 2017

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