Discovery And Surprise: -군요/는군요

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Sometimes you want to really express your surprise or wonder when you learn something new either through observation or experience. Of course, like any language, Korean has a few ways to express your wonder and surprise. The first method we are going to talk about is the simple –군요/는군요. Let’s take a look.

The Really Of -군요/는군요

When you learn, experience or see something completely new and strange you want to express your amazement. One of the ways to express your amazement is done through the grammar pattern -군요/는군요. This simple pattern can mean as much as “I see (that)”, “how”, “indeed”, etc. You could even simply translate it with an exclamation point. It just emphasizes your amazement or wonder, nothing more.

Example: 오늘 눈이 오는군요.

Translation: It is really snowing today!

How To Use

Using the patterns -군요/는군요 is not overly complicated. You simply need to know what kind for verb you are dealing with. If you are dealing with an action verb, such as 가다, you simply attach -는군요. If is not an action verb, but an adjective or the copula 이다, you attach the ending -군요. There is nothing else to worry about, except the ㄹ irregular verbs (만들다: 만드는군요)

It is also possible to use this pattern in a past tense. If you use it with a paste tense than the ending is always either 었군요, -았군요 or -했군요. The rules for choosing which form to use is the same as the ones as you’ve seen for the Korean past tense.

Keep also in mind that -군요/는군요 is used primarily in books and other written texts, not so much in regular speech. You can use it for either things you’ve seen or experienced yourself directly or things you’ve heard about from others.

Discovery And Surprise: -군요/는군요
A summarized version on -군요/는군요.

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October 16, 2017

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