Announcement #001: New Morning Lands Has Arrived!

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      Polar Bear

      Announcement #001: New Morning Lands Has Arrived!

      After a long time of inactivity due to technical difficulties (broken laptop), Morning Lands is back and better than ever! We have been slow at working carefully crafting a major overhaul of the Morning Lands website. And, at last, the new Morning Lands has arrived and we have remodelled it to be more useful to everybody.

      Shall we go over the three major changes we have made (and still need to finish)?

      What Brings the New Morning Lands?

      1. Korean Language Bank

      In the previous version of Morning Lands, our popular Korean language articles were thrown together with all other blog articles. While we did maintain a handcrafted grammar index, we were never happy with this. It simply wasn’t very user-friendly. So, we have made it that our Korean language articles have their own dedicated spot in Morning Lands: the Korean Language Bank.

      Our new Korean Language Bank will make it easier to navigate through our Korean language articles and all articles will be grouped in categories for your ease. Furthermore, all language articles will be tagged according to their level (based on TOPIK): Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

      However, as you may have noticed only a few articles are currently available in our Korean Language Bank. This has its reason. Because we need to manually transfer the old Korean language articles over to the Korean Language bank, we decided to rewrite the articles AND update their graphics. This is an effort that will take months, but the old content is still available. We will only remove old content when it has been updated in the Korean Language bank.

      2. Improved search bar

      Because we will end up with a mountain of Korean language articles among other articles, we needed to improve our search bar. We have improved the main search bar. This search bar will appear on our homepage and on all pages related to our Korean Language Bank. This improved search bar allows you to limit your searches to certain types of content.

      3. Morning Lands Community

      We believe learning Korean should not be a solo activity. We believe it ought to be a group activity. To help encourage everyone to turn their learning Korean into a group activity, we have created the Morning Lands Community. This community will allow you to discuss anything that is related to Korea. Want to fan out over your favourite K-Drama actor? Want to share your Korean writing exercise so others can take a look? You can do it all here.

      There is also a dedicated Korean-only section,  모닝 랜드 한국어 포럼. Everyone is welcome to post here regardless of their Korean level. However, anything posted here needs to be fully written in Korean only. Please keep this in mind.

      Those were the three major changes that we have brought to Morning Lands. What do you think? Are these changes to your liking? We would welcome any and all feedback on the recent update.

      Polar Bear,

      Morning Lands admin

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