Hanoi US-North Korea Summit Ends: No Agreement

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      Polar Bear

      US President Donald J. Trump has cut the US-North Korea summit in Hanoi, Vietnam, short. Negotiations between the two countries came to a hold, according to the US President, due to the North Korean demands to lift all sanctions against the Hermit Kingdom. The US did not entertain the thought.

      Even with a no deal at the end of this US-North Korea summit, President Trump is hopeful the two countries can and will keep negotiating and walk the path of dialogue rather the path of conflict. Furthermore, the US President has said he believes Chairman Kim’s word when he says North Korea will no longer perform any nuclear tests to enhance its nuclear arsenal.

      With this press conference, the Hanoi summit has come to a conclusion.

      Did the outcome of the US-North Korea summit surprise you or was it what you had imagined it to be?

      Report by Arirang News: http://www.arirang.com/News/News_View.asp?nseq=232457

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