How helpful are the sheet masks?

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      At some point, everyone around me was talking about Korean masks. The beauty bloggers reviewed so many brands. I saw new shops in the malls and on the internet. It feels like the masks take the world by storm! In your experience, are they worthy of the hype? What makes them so popular?

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      They’re popular because they’re affordable, they’re easy to use, they feel good on your face, and they actually work. The whole experience is enjoyable for me and I sort of make it into a ritual. I like to switch around between different brands and types of masks, but I’m currently obsessed with Innisfree Skin Clinic Madecassoside Mask which smells yummy and gives my skin a dewy glow. I look refreshed after using it. You should give one or two or a dozen a try. Just keep in mind that a sheet mask isn’t plastic surgery and I think you’ll be happy with the results.

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      I use them when I am too busy, then I just use them. There are lots of variations such as gel type so you just put on your face and wait for 12 to 15minutes then the mask is gone (which means your face absubred all). Or some people do 1 day 1 mask with organic masks so that you don’t need to put extra cosmeticss or treatments.

      However, as above was said, it’s not plastic surgery.

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        Your first sentence is slightly confusing. Personally, the masks are perfect for when I’m going to sleep because I don’t need my glasses by then. I set the alarm so I won’t leave it too long on my face.

        A mask a day sounds too excessive, but maybe that’s necessary for the optimal result. How often do you all usually use the masks?

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        Polar Bear

        Certain sheet masks are made for daily use, while other masks are made so you use them less frequently. It really depends on the sheet masks you bought. There is a huge variety in them.

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      I did try some masks from Innisfree. While I enjoyed the sensation and fragrance, I didn’t notice my skin becoming much different. Then again, it was on random occasions, so maybe I need to use them routinely. The other skincare products I’m using are the toners. Do you think it’s going to affect the result?

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