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      Polar Bear

      TOPIKPlans For Morning Lands' Future: TOPIK

      As we are slowly updating our old Korean grammar articles from Morning lands (we have updated over 25 articles so far), Polar Bear looks to the future of Morning Lands. At the moment, Morning Lands offers two things: Korean language help and a blog on Korea in general. We love those aspects and we want to continue to develop them, especially our blog.

      However, that doesn’t mean our ambitions stop there and we have plans for Morning Lands’ future. Many Korean language learners want to check whether their Korean has improved in a meaningful way. Most (like Polar Bear) will turn to TOPIK, the Korean language test for Korean language learners. However, preparing for this test can be a challenge for some. We at Morning Lands want to help you. Since we have experience with preparing for and taking the TOPIK exam we feel we can offer a lot of insights. So, once we have updated all of our old Korean grammar posts to the new format, we will work on a new TOPIK focused offering.

      However, the new TOPIK content will be unlike anything on Morning Lands so far. We want to not only explain the in and outs of the exam. We also want to offer online trial exams so you can prepare yourselves even better. To do this we will have to write new code so it will be a bit distant in Morning Lands’ future. And, we cannot give a date at this point for when it will be ready. But we wanted to share our plans with you already.

      We hope you are as excited for Morning Lands’ future as we are and you eagerly anticipate our new TOPIK material. And as always keep loving Korea and keep studying Korean. We will keep you updated on our progress!

      Korean greetings,

      Polar Bear.

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