Hanja Word Drill: 人 – 사람 인

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Time for another hanja drill and this hanja drill is another important one. The character today is 人 [인]. This simple-looking character is so omnipresent in Korean vocabulary, you would do yourself a disservice not knowing it. The words that utilizes this character are not limited to advanced vocabulary. Plenty of basic words use it. Let’s take a look.

Hanja #25: 人 – 사람 인

The character 人 [인] is, like the previous 女 [여/녀], truly one of the basic hanja you ought to know. So many words use this one character you would be crazy to ignore it. Anyway the character itself represents “person”. As you can guess, many words with this character are therefore deal with persons. Vocabulary regarding humans, professions and such is where you will often find this little hanja sneaking its way in. Besides that, little else remains to be said about this basic hanja.

If you happen to know any other word you think has this hanja, let us know in the comments.

Our 人 Vocabulary List

*Meanings written in italics are the meanings when you use the noun as a 하다 verb.

한국어 Meaning 한자어
군인 Military personnel, serviceman, servicewoman
소인 Child
인생 (Human) Life
인품 Personality, character
여인 Woman, lady
교인 Believer, devotee
백인 Caucasian, white person
만인 All people, everybody
중국인 Chinese (person)
한국인 Korean (people)
외국인 Foreigner
군인연금 Military pension
Hanja Word Drill: 人 – 사람 인
Hanja Word Drill: 人 – 사람 인

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November 6, 2017

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