Hanja Word Drill: 土 – 흙 토

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After a number hanja, I always do another hanja word drill as a number rarely offers a lot of vocabulary opportunities. Today is no different and we are also covering the hanja 土 [토]. This down-to-earth character will give a lot of words to think about. Let’s take a look.

Hanja #29: 土 – 흙 토

The hanja 土 [토] is a really down-to-earth kind of character. Unsurprising though, when you know it represents both “Earth” and “Ground”. So as you can very well guess, a lot of the words with this little hanja deal with things revolving around ground, dirt and anything you can think relates to that.

This hanja is considered basic, though, not due to its easy to draw or the number of words using this hanja. No, it was chosen most likely based on the most common word that uses the hanja, 토요일 [] (Saturday). that word is often shorted using the character 土. So memorizing this one can be useful when you want to use a calendar in Korean.

If you happen to know any other word you think has this hanja, let us know in the comments.

Our 金 Vocabulary List

*Meanings written in italics are the meanings when you use the noun as a 하다 verb.

한국어 Meaning 한자어
국토 Territory (of a country)
토목 Civil engineering; Public works
Hanja Word Drill: 土 – 흙 토
Hanja Word Drill: 土 – 흙 토

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November 8, 2017

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