Hanja Word Drill: 月 – 달 월

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Time for another rush of Hanja today and we’ll start with the character 月 [월]. You will see this hanja often paired with two other characters, one of which we have already covered in our Hanja word drills: 日 [일]. With that you probably can guess what this these hanja are most often used for in Korean. Nonetheless, let’s go give it a look over.

Hanja #21: 月 – 달 월

This 月 [월] hanja along with its friend 日 [일] are perhaps two of the most globally known characters. Most people in the world will be able to tell you that he first character represents “Moon” and the other represents “Sun”. Because of those basic meanings, you can also use first in meaning of “month” and the latter as “day. Therefore you will most often see both hanja, along with the hanja for year. You use them to tell the date in Korean, with this hanja denoting the month.

Like with the hanja 日 [일], you use the sino-Korean numerals with the character月 [월]. However, there is a side note that needs to be said. When you use the numbers 10 (十 [십]) or the number 6 (六 [육]) with this hanja, their pronunciation differs from the ordinary. When you want to say October, it is 시월, not 십월. Likewise for june, it is 유월, not 육월. Keep these slight irregularities in mind.

Our 月 Vocabulary List

*Meanings written in italics are the meanings when you use the noun as a 하다 verb.

한국어 Meaning 한자어
일월 January
이월 February
삼월 March
사월 April
오월 May
유월 June
칠월 July
팔월 August
구월 September
시월 October
십일월 November
십이월 December
생년월일 Date of birth
Hanja Word Drill: 月 – 달 월
Hanja Word Drill: 月 – 달 월

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November 4, 2017

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