Hanja Word Drill: 白 – 흰 백

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Yesterday I already introduced a colour in the form of the hanja 靑 [청]. However, one colour isn’t enough so why not introduce another colour for you to enjoy? So I will introduce another hanja for another colour to expand your Korean colour palette. This time the hanja is the rather plain-looking 白 [백]. Let’s go give it a look.

Hanja #19: 白 – 흰 백

Yesterday the colour was blue, this time we’ll introduce a colour that isn’t technically a colour: white. White is represented by the simple and rather plain hanja 白 [백]. Like the previous hanja 靑 [청], this hanja is also used in ways not directly tied to its literal meaning. Because white is in a way nothingness, it can also be used in away of absence or plainness. For example the word 백수 is an unemployed person. It is a person for whom work does not exist.

If you happen to know any other word you think has this 白 [백], let us know in the comments.

Our 白 Vocabulary List

*Meanings written in italics are the meanings when you use the noun as a 하다 verb.

한국어 Meaning 한자어
백곰 Polar bear
백인 Caucasian, white person
백일 Clear day, clear sky
백금 Platinum
Hanja Word Drill: 白 – 흰 백
Hanja Word Drill: 白 – 흰 백

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November 1, 2017

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