K-Community Festival 2019 In Europe: An Dreamcatcher Update

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A few months ago I wrote about the upcoming K-Community Festival 2019 that will be held in my very own hometown of Brussels. At that time very little was known beyond the fact the organizers were looking for Korean culture enthusiasts to take part in the whole ordeal. However, now that time has passed a few things have been revealed and perhaps what has been revealed is perhaps what most were interested in the first place: Which K-Pop group would be brought over from Korea for the K-Community Festival. Time for a Dreamcatcher update.

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Starting 19 August 2019 you can buy tickets for the K-Community Festival 2019. Price: 20 EUR. For this price, you can enjoy the festival and the K-POP performances by not only Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐), but also UP10TION (업텐션). You can buy your tickets using this link: https://www.teleticketservice.com/en/tickets/2019-2020/2019-k-community-festival-in-europe


Dreamcatcher – 드림캐쳐

Let’s not beat around the bush and just tell you which K-Pop group will be the headliner for the K-Comunity Festival 2019 in Europe. The honour will go to the K-Pop Group Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐). They will, therefore, be performing October 5, 2019, at Forest national (Brussels, Belgium). With this, they make a long-awaited return to Europe. I bet many of their European fans are already rushing to book tickets to witness the wonderful act the wonderful ladies of Dreamcatcher have in store for them.

The ticket sale is planned to open in August, so keep an eye out on any announcements from the K-community festival itself. The fastest way to keep up-to-date is to follow their social media accounts on Facebook and/or Twitter. If you don’t you might miss out on this opportunity.

K-Community Festival 2019 In Europe: Dreamcatcher Announcement
Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐) is coming to the K-Community Festival 2019! Make sure you book your tickets when they are for sale!

European Enthusiasts Educated

However, the K-Community Festival is more than a simple K-Pop concert. It is an endeavour to show off more Korean Culture than just popular culture. As mentioned in our previous post, to popularize more traditional Korean culture, the K-Community Festival decided to invite European Korean culture fans to participate in the festival to make it truly memorable.

After a lengthy search, selections have been made. The organisation has been hard at work ever since preparing these enthusiasts for their role. And, If you followed their social media accounts you probably have seen the pictures of the work the Europeans fans have put in making the K-Community Festival a truly memorable experience not just for themselves, but for all who will attend.

Here’s a fun video of the mentoring events shared on the K-Community Festival Facebook page. Enjoy!

This Polar Bear of Morning Lands is already eagerly waiting the moment he can purchase his tickets for the festival. I can’t wait to see the results of the hard work put in by everyone involved. I hope to see many others out there to cheer with me.

K-Community Festival 2019 Information

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