K-Community Festival 2019 In Europe

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People love festivals. People adore festivals centred around the things they love. Recently, KOFICE announced a new festival for the European continent: K-Community Festival in Europe. This new festival will surely bring a lot of joy to European K-fans.

According to the recent announcements, KOFICE organizes the K-Community Festival in Europe to bring an opportunity to K-fans to learn more about traditional Korean culture, beyond the already popularized Hallyu exports of K-Pop and K-Dramas. Truly, it is a festival that invites discovery and cultural exchange. The festival will happen in Brussels Belgium. The date is 5 October 2019. Mark it on your calendar.

Cultural exchange is certainly a value of this new K-Community Festival. To kick things off, KOFICE is inviting representatives (4 groups in total) from European, communities, who busy themselves with Korean culture, to become a big part of the entire event. The chosen lucky few will be invited to Korea to undergo training in one of four Korean traditional arts such as samul nori (KR: 사물놀이; Hanja: 四物~), minyo (KR: 민요; Hanja: 民謠), talchum (KR: 탈춤) and buchaechum (KR: 부채춤). After their training, the representatives will give a performance during the K-Community Festival. Very exciting, isn’t it?

For information and to keep up-to-date with the K-Community Festival 2019 in Europe visit their website (www.kcommunityfestival.com), or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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Starting 19 August 2019 you can buy tickets for the K-Community Festival 2019. Price: 20 EUR. For this price, you can enjoy the festival and the K-POP performances by not only Dreamcatcher (드림캐쳐), but also UP10TION (업텐션). You can buy your tickets using this link: https://www.teleticketservice.com/en/tickets/2019-2020/2019-k-community-festival-in-europe


Golden Chance For Your K-Community

Are you interested in having your K-Community becoming one of the four representatives for the K-Community Festival? Good since the representatives haven’t been selected yet! You still have a chance to earn that vaunted spot. There are just a few requirements you and your team need to meet. Let’s go over them.

First, your K-community needs to be active in one of the following countries: the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland and/or the Netherlands.* Secondly, the representative team needs to consist out of 6 to 8 members, all its members need to be over 18 years old (adults) and need to be able to travel abroad. Lastly, they need to be either natives or residents of the eligible countries. Also, while experience will be appreciated, it is by no means a requirement since the whole point of the trip will be to train you. After that you are ready to be a representative for the K-Community Festival.

If you want to apply, you need to send an email to kcf@kofice.or.kr with the subject [Country/Community Name] 2019 KCF APPLICATION. The application period ends on 25th April, so you better hurry and convince your fellow K-Community members!

PS: For those wondering why Belgium is not an eligible country, a Belgian representative team has already been selected, the K-Pop Belgium Society. They are also the local partner, along with the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels, in organizing the event in Belgium.

UPDATE: Spain has been added to the list of eligible countries. (Source: KCF Facebook Page)

K-Community Festival 2019 In Europe: Recruitment Poster
K-Community Festival 2019 In Europe. (source: kcommunityfestival.com)

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  1. It would be amazing if a famous boyband of
    South Korea named iKON will be invited to be the artist in the K-Community and perform in Europe

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