Korean Idioms & Proverbs: 계란으로 바위 치기
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Korean Idioms & Proverbs: 계란으로 바위 치기

Every language has an expression for every occasion. Why say what you feel directly when you can express yourself more artistically? Paint a new world by using various Korean expressions. We have explored already, but there are hundreds more left to discover. Today I picked ‘계란으로 바위 치기’ as the expression to discuss.

‘계란으로 바위 치기’ is an expression that conveys the meaning that no matter how much you try, it is impossible to achieve what you are aiming towards. So whatever you are trying to do is essentially a waste of your time. English has an idiom that is an equivalent to this Korean expression: ‘Beating one’s head against the wall’.

Like previous proverbs, 가는 날이 장날, this expression does not come with its own verb that you can conjugate. So in order to use it in a sentence you will have to fit it in a sentence and pair it with a sentence of your own choosing.

Example: “그 남자 발표를 혼자로 다 준비해야 해요.” “계란으로 바위 치기야!”

Translation:  “That man has to prepare the entire presentation by himself.” “He’ll be beating his head against the wall!”

Have you seen this expression before? Or perhaps you’ve used it in a text you’ve written yourself! Please share your experience in the comments. When you see expressions used by others, they become easier to understand.