Irregular Verbs

All languages have irregular verbs, Korean is no exception. Fortunately, though, Korean irregular verbs are nothing you need fear like the French irregular verbs. While you still need to memorize a few rules, the amount is very manageable.

Korean irregular verbs can be divided into 7 major groups of irregular verbs. The 7 Korean irregular verb groups are:

  • ㅡ Irregular Verbs
  • ㄹ Irregular Verbs
  • 르 Irregular Verbs
  • ㅂ Irregular Verbs
  • ㄷ Irregular Verbs
  • ㅎ Irregular Verbs
  • ㅅ Irregular Verbs

Each group comes with its own set of rules you will have to memorize. But, since 99% of all Korean irregular verbs adhere to one of those seven rulesets, it is hardly an insurmountable task. It is important you master these rules because like in any language these verbs are quite commonly used.

Of course, as mentioned there are still a few exceptionally irregular verbs out there. However, those verbs are few in number and a few are considered and taught as ‘standard’/regular nowadays, think 하다 (technically 여 irregular). However, other verbs still deviate from the norm, like 푸다 (to scoop, to ladle) for example. For those cases, you will have to memorize its unique rule. Luckily, the rules are never overly complicated.

All in all Korean irregular verbs are simple to learn as you only need to learn a few conditions and rules to use them properly. A beginner is strongly urged to learn these sets of rules gradually, but as early as possible. These verbs are so common, you cannot avoid using them without your language sounding unnatural.

7 articles

ㄷ Irregular Verbs

The ㄷ irregular verbs are easy enough, but their irregularity makes them appear like a ㄹ irregular verb, which can make them confusing at first.

ㄹ Irregular Verbs

The ㄹ irregular verbs can be the most confusing of the 7 Korean irregular verb groups due to the ㄷ irregular verbs. However, they are actually quite easy.

ㅂ Irregular Verbs

The ㅂ irregular verb group is the largest of the seven Korean irregular verb groups. Therefore, it is important to understand how they work.

ㅅ Irregular Verbs

The ㅅ irregular verbs are the most confounding Korean irregular verbs. They will force you to go against basics you have gotten so used to.

ㅎ Irregular Verbs

The ㅎ irregular verbs are the most convoluted of the Korean irregular verbs. However, with a little practice, they won’t cause you any troubles.

ㅡ Irregular Verbs

The ㅡ irregular verbs might look like the most difficult of the Korean irregular verbs. But, once you get used to their rules, they are pretty easy.

르 Irregular Verbs

The 르 irregular verbs are a common Korean irregular verb group. Thus it is important to know its rules well. Thankfully, they are rather simple.