Level 8

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九 [구] – 아홉 구

Like all Sino-Korean numbers, 구 has a hanja associated with it and that character is 九 [구]. Like most characters for numbers, it is rather simple.

六 [육] – 여섯 육

Sino-Korean number 육 (6) has the Hanja 六 [육] associated with it. It is a rather simple character for the sixth number Hanja.

南 [남] – 남녘 남

The Hanja 南 [남] represents one of the four cardinal points: the South. It is a rather nifty character used as a short form for South Korea.

國 [국] – 나라 국

The complex-looking Hanja 國 [국] is a rather influential character that appears in more words than you can imagine. It means ‘country’ or ‘nation’.

大 [대] – 클 대

The Hanja 大 [대] is a frequently used character that most often, unfortunately, won’t reveal a lot about the word. The Hanja signifies: ‘Big’ or ‘Large’.

女 [녀] – 여자 녀

The character 女 [녀] is one of the Hanja still used frequently in daily life. You will see it a few times in Korea. It has two sounds: [녀] and [여].

年 [년] – 해 년

The Hanja 年 [년] is a simple character that signifies year. Therefore, you will often come across the character in words related to things with a year.

敎 [교] – 가르칠 교

The character 敎 [교] represents ‘teach’ and thus it often appears in words for teachers and education, but also words related to religion.

東 [동] – 동녘 동

The Hanja 東 [동] represents one of the four cardinal points: the East. It is a rather nifty character you can use to specify the Eastern parts of a region.

校 [교] – 학교 교

The Hanja 校 [교] has the meaning ‘school’. It is a basic character that most, if not all, Koreans know. Therefore, you will see it often in public.