Korean Language Bank: ㅅ Irregular Verbs
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There are seven major groups of Korean irregular verbs. That sounds like a lot, but it is just those seven groups you’ll need to master, excluding a very select ‘special cases’. In this article, we will discuss the Korean irregular verb group that forces you to go against everything you’ve learned about Korean grammar: the ㅅ irregular verb group.

The ㅅ irregular verb group or ㅅ 불규칙, along with the ㅎ irregular verbs, are the most quirky irregular verbs Korean grammar has to offer. These verbs, though, do make it a bit confusing because you will be going against every basic Korean grammar rule you have learned so far. Luckily, there are not that many of them. Unfortunately, there are also verbs that look like them, but are, in fact, completely regular. 벗다 (to take off), 웃다 (to laugh) and 씻다 (to wash) are a few of those regular verbs.

An example:

가: 어느 치마가 나은가요?

나: 꽃무늬 치마가 블라우스와 함께 잘 어울려요.

A: Which skirt do you like better?

B: The floral skirt goes well with the blouse.

How To Use

The conjugation of the ㅅ irregular verbs is the quirkiest of all Korean irregular verbs. To properly do it you have to cast away all Korean grammatical common sense you’ve built up so far. These verbs will go against all of it. The basic premise is simple. Like the ㅂ irregular verbs and the ㄷ irregular verbs, the ㅅ irregular verbs omit their ㅅ from the verb stem when you use a verb ending that begins with a vowel. So, this all happens with verb endings like -아/어 줄게요, -아/어 줄ㄹ까요, -아/어 보다, etc.

However, then the ㅅ irregular verbs do something strange. Unlike with all other verbs, whose vowels, when there is no batchim, will combine with the vowels of the verb ending’s first syllable, these verbs don’t do that! You have to act like there is a batchim even when there isn’t any. Furthermore, this also carries over to the pronunciation. You will have to sound out the two vowel syllables. As we mentioned, these verbs go against everything you’ve learned, so expect to make a few mistakes when using these verbs for the first time.

List Of Common ㅅ Irregular Verbs

Irregular verbs are typically important to learn because often they are very common in daily conversations. To help you out, we have provided a list of common ㅅ irregular verbs. We hope this list can help you. Also, if you happen to know a verb that has not been included, do let us know so we can add it to the list. There are many verbs out there and we are not walking Korean dictionaries here at Morning Lands.

ㅎ Irregular Verb / ㅎ 불규칙 English / 영어
긋다 To draw (a line)
낫다 To be better; To be cured
젓다 To stir, to whip
잣다 To spin
짓다 To build, to write
잇다 To connect, to link
붓다 To swell; To pour
특징짓다 To characterize
눈물짓다 To shed tears, to weep
농사짓다 To farm
가로젓다 To shake your head
Korean Language Bank Overview: ㅅ Irregular Verbs
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Korean Language Bank Overview: ㅅ Irregular Verbs
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