Korean Language Bank: 敎 [교] – 가르칠 교
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As you know plenty of Korean words have a Chinese root and thus learning the meaning behind the Hanja helps you better understand the meaning of a word. In this Korean Language Bank article, we take a look at the Hanja 敎 [교].

The character 敎 has the sound [교] associated with it. However, other characters, like 校, also have the same sound associated with them. This is one of the difficulties you will face when dealing with Hanja: Many characters share the same sound. However, let this not dissuade you from the usefulness of learning Hanja to give your Korean fluency a boost.

The meaning of the 敎 [교] is “teach” and as such words that incorporate this character often relates to things and persons that serve an educational purpose. One very clear example of this is the word 교사 which means ‘teacher’ or ‘professor’. Because of how Eastern cultures view religion, something that teaches us, words related to religion also utilize the character 敎 [교] oftentimes.

敎 [교] Vocabulary

As always when learning Korean vocabulary with Hanja, do not focus on the character itself. For most Korean language learners, memorizing characters and their stroke orders are unimportant. Focus on the meaning and how it relates to the words that utilize the characters. This will help you better understand the words. Furthermore, it might help you understand unknown words you encounter when reading Korean texts.

The character ~ indicates the following part is a pure Korean word and thus has no Hanja counterpart.

We give the verb/adjective meaning of nouns in brackets ‘( )’. As you know Sino-Korean nouns (한자어) can be used as verbs/adjectives with 하다.

Hanja / 한자 Hangeul / 한글 English / 영어
교사 Teacher, professor
務室 교무실 Teacher’s room, faculty room
科書 교과서 Textbook
교원 Teacher; Teaching staff
교화 Reformation (To reform)
교생 Teacher trainee
교관 Instructor; Drill sergeant
교도 Believer, adherent, follower
종교 Religion, faith
교회 Church
교모 Nun, sister
基督 기독교 Christianity
~ 이슬람교 Islam
유교 Confucianism
불교 Buddhism
Hanja Chart: 敎 [교] – 가르칠 교
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Hanja Chart: 敎 [교] – 가르칠 교
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