Korean Language Bank: 母 [모] - 어머니 모
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Time to learn the Hanja for one of the most important people in your life: your mother. The character that represents ‘mother’ is 母 [모]. It is a rather simple looking Hanja, yet it is very important to know for some vocabulary. Let us take a look at this motherly Hanja.

As mentioned, the character 母, which has the sound [모], holds the meaning of mother. As such many of the Sino-Korean words incorporating these characters directly or indirectly relate to the concept of a mother. One of the most important words for Korean language words with 母 [모] is the words that also utilizes the character for father 父 [부], 부모 (父母) which means parents in Korean. However, there are plenty of other nice words to know using this Hanja.

母 [모] Vocabulary

Like with most Hanja for most Korean language learners, it is not important to actually memorize the character itself. It is better to remember the sound and meaning of the character so it might help you guess the meanings of unknown words. In the end, the vocabulary you learn is far more important than the Hanja itself.

The character ~ indicates the following part is a pure Korean word and thus has no Hanja counterpart.

We give the verb/adjective meaning of nouns in brackets ‘( )’. As you know Sino-Korean nouns (한자어) can be used as verbs/adjectives with 하다.

Hanja / 한자 Hangeul / 한글 English / 영어
모국 Fatherland, motherland, one’s native country
부모 Parents
모녀 Mother and daughter
모성 Maternal instinct
모음 Vowel
모유 Breast milk, mother’s milk
모교 One’s (old) school, one’s alma mater
모친 Mother
모자 Mother and son
이모 Maternal aunt, one’s mother’s sister
고모 Paternal aunt, one’s father’s sister
장모 Mother-in-law, one’s wife’s mother
유모 Nanny
속모 Aunt, wife of one’s father’s younger brother
外叔 외속모 Aunt, wife of one’s maternal uncle
媤父 시부모 One’s parents-in-law, one’s husband’s parents
祖父 조부모 Grandparents
未婚 미혼모 Single mother
모국어 Mother tongue, one’s native language
良妻 현모양처 Good wife and wise mother
Hanja Chart: 母 [모] - 어머니 모
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Hanja Chart: 母 [모] – 어머니 모
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