Korean Language Bank: 軍 [군] - 군사 군
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In this article, we are taking things a bit more rough and powerful. The Hanja, we are discussing,  is 軍 [군], a rather important character for plenty of people. Like the character 國 [국], the character 軍 [군] has a surprising number of uses.

The character 軍 [군] carries the meaning of ‘army’, ‘military’ and ‘armed forces’. Thus you won’t be surprised it tends to appear in vocabulary that relates to the military in one way or the other. While in more peaceful countries the military is an afterthought to most people, in South Korea it is an important fact of life due to the delicate situation with North Korea. Therefore knowing basic words related to the military is rather important, especially as they help you not break any rules related to South Korean national security.

軍 [군] Vocabulary

The Hanja 軍 [군] is another important character because plenty of words incorporate this character. However, like with all Hanja, it is hardly worth the effort to memorize the actual character and its stroke order. Simply focus on the vocabulary.

The character ~ indicates the following part is a pure Korean word and thus has no Hanja counterpart.

We give the verb/adjective meaning of nouns in brackets ‘( )’. As you know Sino-Korean nouns (한자어) can be used as verbs/adjectives with 하다.

Hanja / 한자 Hangeul / 한글 English / 영어
군사 The military
국군 Korea’s army, the Korean armed forces
군인 Serviceman, soldier
事力 군사력 Military strength
事學 군사학 Military science
事的 군사적 Military
군인 연금 Veteran’s pension
해군 Navy
공군 Air force
군대 The military, the armed forces, the army
군법 Military law
主義 국국주의 Militarism
務員 군무원 Civilian personnel in the army
군단 Army corps
Hanja Chart: 軍 [군] - 군사 군
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Hanja Chart: 軍 [군] – 군사 군
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