Korean Language Bank: 金 [금] – 쇠 금
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The character 金 [금] is a rather important character as it deals with things we would all consider vital for being able to live a healthy life. Perhaps you have noticed, but all characters in Hanja level 8 are characters of important basic vocabulary in general or to Korea. This character is no exception.

The Hanja 金 [금] is a vital character to know because it represents ‘gold’. And, because of that meaning, it is also used in the sense of ‘money’. Now you will immediately realize why this single character is rather important to know. Indeed, a lot of words revolving around money include this character like 세금 [稅金]. However, a basic, but an important word that has nothing to do with money also utilizes this character: 금요일 (金曜日).

Lastly, the character 金 [금] is also a character that is used to write Korean names in Hanja. Typically, it is used for the family name (성씨). However, when used in a name the pronunciation is not [금], but [김]. What it represents, however, remains unchanged.

金 [금] Vocabulary

Along with 6 other characters (月 [월], 火 [화], 水 [수], 木 [목], 土 [토] and 日 [일]), the character 金 [금] is actually used very often in Korea today. Today websites, journals and people use these characters as a nifty shorthand for the days of the week, though their Hangeul counterparts are also used. So knowing 金 [금] and its 6 brothers will help you out in your daily life in Korea.

The character ~ indicates the following part is a pure Korean word and thus has no Hanja counterpart.

We give the verb/adjective meaning of nouns in brackets ‘( )’. As you know Sino-Korean nouns (한자어) can be used as verbs/adjectives with 하다.

Hanja / 한자 Hangeul / 한글 English / 영어
曜日 금요일 Friday
세금 Tax
금상 First prize, gold medal
요금 Fee, fare
현금 Hard cash
입금 Deposit (to deposit)
奬學 장학금 Scholarship
벌금 Fine, penalty
상금 Prize money
임금 Wages, pay
자금 Funds, money; Capital
退職 퇴깆금 Severance pay; Pension
백금 Platinum
公共料 공공요금 Public utility fees
登錄 등록금 Tuition
출금 Withdrawal (to withdraw)
원금 Principal
연금 Pension, annuity
국민 연금 National pension
군인 연금 Veteran pension
금액 Sum, amount (of money)
금리 Interest rate
금성 Venus
~ 금붕어 Goldfish
금색 Gold colour
Hanja Chart: 金 [금] - 쇠 금
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Hanja Chart: 金 [금] – 쇠 금
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