Request and Assisting: -아/어 줄게요/줄까요

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Last Korean grammar pattern, -아/어 주세요/주시겠어요, we saw a way to ask for others to do something for us. It is only natural then there is also a way how you can offer your help or tell others you are going to help them. In Korean, you achieve both these things with -아/어 줄게요/줄까요. Let’s take a little look at these expressions.

Let me -아/어 줄게요/줄까요

While it might look as if -아/어 줄게요/줄까요 are two variants of the same expression, they are not entirely. One, -아/어 줄게요, expresses intent, while the other, -아/어 줄까요, expresses an offer to assist. This is not a world-shattering revelation if you happen to know what the patterns -(으)ㄹ게요 (intent) and -(으)ㄹ까요 (suggestion) express.

First let’s look at the pattern that expresses the intent to help someone out, -아/어 줄게요. As mentioned that pattern you use when you have resolved yourself to help someone out when you see them in need of some assistance. So it is a statement, not an offer you are making to someone. Let’s look at an example:

Example: 문을 열어 줄게요.

Translation: Let me open the door for you.

The pattern -아/어 줄까요 on the other hand expresses the same thing, but in the form of a suggesting it to the person. You still want to help the person, but you still want to make sure with that person whether she wants or needs your help. Let’s look at an example:

Example: 문을 열어 줄까요?

Translation: Shall I open the door for you?

Lastly, like the pattern -아/어 주세요/주시겠어요, there are specific honorific versions of this pattern. -아/어 드릴게요 for expressing intent and -아/어 드릴까요 for offering to help. This you ought to use when offering your help to someone of a higher social status than yourself.

Example: 문을 열어 드릴까요?

Translation: Shall I open the door for you?

How To Use

Using the pattern -아/어 줄게요/줄까요 isn’t that hard as the rules are the same as those for -아/어 주세요/주시겠어요. You can use this Korean grammar topic with just verbs and this grammar expression uses the same -아/어 rule you are already very familiar with. Nonetheless let’s go over the rules real quick:

  1. If the verb stem contains either ㅏ or ㅗ, you attach -아 줄게요/줄까요.
  2. If not, you simply use -어 줄게요/줄까요.
  3. For 하다 verbs, however, it should be -해 줄게요/줄까요.

As always keep the irregular verbs, such as the ㅡ irregular verbs, in mind.

Request and Assisting: -아/어 줄게요/줄까요
Short overview on -아/어 줄게요/줄까요

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November 7, 2017

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