Time to see if all the time studying Korean has been worth it. I have registered myself for TOPIK, the Korean language proficiency test. Come November I will be going to merry old England’s London to take my test and hopefully achieve a wonderful score. In the meantime I still have plenty of time left to me for learning unimaginable amounts of grammar and vocabulary. Time to get wordy.

Prodigal Korean Language Blogger Returns

It has been a long time since I last wrote a post for Morning Lands. However, due to certain circumstances I was unable to properly write a post for a long time. However, your prodigal Korean language blogger returns now that peace and stability has returned to his hectic life somewhat. I will be returning to a schedule of regularly updating Morning Lands with new content.

I would also like to share a few gifts I got from my Korean friend’s mother. After my Korean friend returned to Belgium after having visited his parents, he gave a gift his mom wanted me to have. the gift was amazing. The gift was a Korean cooking book and two Korean language textbooks. These books will truly help me achieve my goals for 2017-2018!

Look at these beauties:

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Immediately I fell in love with the cookbook. However, since it is completely written in Korean, I will need learn a lot, and I mean a lot, of time to start even understanding the simplest of recipes in the book.

The textbooks will undoubtedly be useful to me. The book Korean Grammar in Use Intermediate is the second book in a three book series of which I use(d) the first book. You can even read my thoughts on the first book on Morning Lands already. The other textbook is called TOPIK MASTER  – TOPIK I, published by Darakwon. This book gives me the materials I need to prepare for TOPIK.

TOPIK November

At the end of August I registered myself to participate in TOPIK, the Korean proficiency test. I will be taking my test in the grand city of London and I look forward to visiting Great Britain’s capital once more. However, there can be no rest for this TOPIK taker. I have a lot to do and lot to prepare. To prepare for TOPIK I will be tackling 3 obstacles: vocabulary, grammar and listening.

While I would say I have a certain amount of Korean words under my belt, I feel that the vocabulary I have mastered will not suffice. So to fix that I shall spend plenty of time learning new Korean words. I will be sharing the Korean vocabulary lists I am learning on Morning Lands. These vocabulary lists are designed for just TOPIK as they include words simple I wanted to learn. I will be sharing my first vocabulary post soon.

My method of tackling Korean grammar topics won’t be changed radically due to TOPIK. However, I will be more goal oriented when selecting new grammar topics.

Listening on the other hand is the aspect of the TOPIK test that fills me with dread the most. If I were to assess my Korean language skills myself, I must admit that listening is simply atrocious. Unfortunately I won’t be able to share anything with you regarding my efforts to improve my listening skills as I will be using more often than not copyrighted material. However, when I am able to share something I certainly will do so.

Again I am sorry for my long absence. I hope, however, this latest post assures you that Morning Lands is still here. It was simply on an unannounced sabbatical. If you have any experience with TOPIK or any other language test, please feel free yo share those experiences with me in the comments. I will be eager to read it all.