Word of the day #1: 화나다
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화나다 – To be angry | Related hanja: 火

Sidenote: The word of the day has a brother, 화내다. While you can translate them in the same way, the Korean words are not the same. 화나다 is a ‘passive’ verb. It is describing anger you are feeling. 화내다 on the other hand is a causative verb. It is the verb to describe someone who is showing his anger or is anger over something (object particle). For example when you want to ask someone to “not get angry”, you use 화내지 마세요, not 화나지 마세요.

Vocabulary In Example

  • 내 : My, mine
  • 방 : Room
  • 더럽다 : [ㅂ irregular verb] To be dirty
  • 어머니 : Mother
  • 정말 : Really
  • 화나다 : To be angry

Related hanja of word of the day: 火 – 불 화

Grammar In Use