Word Of The Day #10: 인품

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Word Of The Day #10: 인품
Word Of The Day #10: 인품 | Related hanja: ,

Side note: When you want to say someone has a certain kind of personality with the noun 인품, you cannot use 있다/없다. In Korean, you will have to use verbs that explicitly express possession, such as verbs meaning ‘carry’ like: 가지다, 지니다, etc. This is just a Korean language convention you need to get used to so it is best to memorize it. However, you can also use simple adjectives such as 좋다 as the verb so things aren’t that strict as it might seem.

Vocabulary In Example

  • 우리: We, us, our
  • 이웃: Neighbour
  • 정말: Really
  • 친절하다: To be kind
  • 인품: Personality, character
  • 가지다: To carry, to have

Related hanja of word of the day: 人 – 사람 인 and 品 – 물건 품.

Grammar In Use

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November 9, 2017

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