Word Of The Day #11: 외국인
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Word Of The Day #11: 외국인 | Related hanja: , ,

Side note: The word of the day is a complete Sino-Korean word. You probably also know ‘foreigner’ as 외국 사람. 외국 사람 is a word you’ll hear more often in daily conversation. Whereas the complete Hanja word, 외국인, you’ll end up hearing more formal situations, such as news broadcasts, public speeches and the like. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use the word in daily conversation either. Just know that one is more prone to be used in different situations.

Vocabulary In Example

  • 저: That over there
  • 의사: Doctor
  • 외국인: Foreigner
  • 이다: To be
  • 모르다: To not know, to not understand [르 irregular verb]

Related hanja of word of the day: 人 – 사람 인, 國 – 나라 국 and 外 – 바깥 외.

Grammar In Use