Word Of The Day #12: 만일
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Word Of The Day #12: 만일 | Related hanja: ,

Side note: Like in many languages, certain Korean words will show up along with certain grammar topics. The word of today, 만일, is one such word. This word will generally come in sentences along with the grammar pattern -(으)면. Another example of such word is 혹시 (If, by any chance, in case that). However, this does not mean you cannot use them without that pattern or that -(으)면 without such words.

Vocabulary In Example

  • 만일: If, in case that
  • 휴가: Vacation, holiday, break
  • 비: Rain
  • 많이: A lot, many
  • 비가 오다: To rain
  • 따뜻하다: To be warm
  • 나라: Country
  • 여행: Travel
  • 여행을 가다: To go travelling

Related hanja of word of the day: 萬 – 일만 만 and 一 – 한 일.

Grammar In Use