Word Of The Day #2: 동서
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동서 – East and West | Related hanja: 西,

Sidenote: With the particle (으)로 the word of the day forms 동서로 (from East to West). However, it can be written differently in Korean. You can just as easily use 동쪽에서 서쪽까지 as both carry the exact same meaning. 동서로 is simply shorter. However, wouldn’t you say that the latter is just that little easier to understand?

Vocabulary In Example

  • 한국 : Korea
  • 여행 : Travel
  • 동서 : East and West
  • 하이킹하다 : To hike

Related hanja of word of the day: 東 – 동녘 동; and 西 – 서녘 서

Grammar In Use