Word Of The Day #6: 생일

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Word Of The Day #6: 생일
Word Of The Day #6: 생일| Related hanja: 

Sidenote: The word of the day 생일 is the plain form of this noun. It also has a honorific form you ought to use when talking about the birthdays of people you need to honour such as your parents. The honorific form is 생신. As someone who is learning Korean making mistakes against honorifics is not that terrible. Koreans generally understand that this is something that is very difficult to master.

Vocabulary In Example

  • 다음: Next
  • 주: Week
  • -씨: Mr., Mrs., Miss
  • 생일: Birthday
  • 이다: To be
  • 파티: Party
  • 계획하다:To plan

Related hanja of word of the day: 生 – 날 생 and 日 – 날 일.

Grammar In Use

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November 3, 2017

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