Word Of The Day #9: 인생
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Word Of The Day #9: 인생 | Related hanja: ,

Side note: Today’s word, 인생, is perhaps the first word where knowing its hanja comes in pretty handy. There are a lot of Korean words which you can translate as ‘life’, yet they are still different words. That has to do with their nuance, the kind of life they are talking about. This word refers to human life. You can immediately spot this meaning if you know that 人 [인] represents a person or human. See how hanja can make understanding Korean words easier?

Vocabulary In Example

  • 종교: Religion, faith
  • 인생: (Human) Life
  • 중요하다: To be important

Related hanja of word of the day: 生 – 날 생 and 人 – 사람 인.

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