Today’s word of the day at Morning Land is the word 결혼. 결혼 (Hanja: 結婚) means ‘marriage‘. You can also use this word as a verb in with 하다, forming the Korean verb 결혼하다. That verb, of course, means ‘to marry’. This is a word that a Korean language learner generally learns quite early on during their career since it is a simple word to understand. However, to truly see if you know what it means, you need to be able to use it in a sentence.

Example Sentence with 결혼

Because the word 결혼 is a basic word, we kept the sentence at the basic level. We did add some less basic words into the mix though:

민수 씨는 안정적인 직업이 있으면 결혼할 거예요.

Minsu will marry if he has a stable job.

To help you better understand the sentences let’s go over the entire sentence word-by-word:

  • 민수 씨는: We add the particle topic -는 since 민수 씨 is the topic of the sentence/conversation. We use -는 specifically because 씨 ends in a vowel.
  • 안정적인: 안정적 is a Sino-Korean adjective (known in Korean as 관형사), which means it behaves as a noun. Because of that, we use 이다 with it. 이다 itself we use -(으)ㄴ/는 form with so we can use it as a noun phrase. Thus essentially we say that what follows is stable.
  • 직업이: We add the subject particle -이 to 직업 because of the verb 있다 as that is the subject of that verb. We pick -이 because it ends in a batchim.
  • 있으면: With the form -(으)면 we indicate that the part of the sentence with the verb 있다 forms a condition for what is said in the clause that follows. We write -으면 because the stem 있다 ends in a batchim.
  • 결혼할 거예요: The form -(으)ㄹ 거예요 is used with 결혼하다 to express the intention of Minsu. This intention is that he will marry when the condition in the first clause has been met.


Korean / 한국어 Hanja / 한자 English / 여어
~씨 Mr., Ms.
안정적 安定的 Stable
직업 職業 Job, occupation
있다 To be, to exist; To have
결혼하다 結婚~ To marry
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