Today’s word of the day at Morning Land is the word 새어머니. 새어머니 means ‘stepmother‘. While due to children stories stepmothers have always been viewed with certain animosity by young children, one needn’t feel such things for her. They want to nurture the children inside her home just like all mothers. 새어머니 is a native Korean word, so it does not have any Hanja associated with it.

Example Sentence with 새어머니

The word 새어머니 is a word that you can count as one suited more for intermediate and advanced learners. It is not a word that is used as frequently as other words related to the family as stepmothers are typically called 어머니 just as well.

우리 새어머니는 매우 친절해서 많이 사랑해요.  

My stepmother is very kind so I love her a lot.

To help you better understand the sentences let’s go over the entire sentence word-by-word:

  • 우리 새어머니는: We use the particle -이/가 with 새어머니 since that is the subject of the sentence.
  • 매우 천절해서: We use the form -아/어서 to show this first clause is the reason for what is going to be said after it.
  • 많이 사랑해요: We are merely stating a fact so we can use the present tense. For the sake of simplicity, we kept it at the polite style (해요체).


Korean / 한국어 Hanja / 한자 English / 여어
우리 We, us; Our
새어머니 Stepmother
매우 Very, a lot, much
친절하다 親切~ To be kind, to be gentle
많이 A lot, many
사랑하다 To love
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